About Us

Who we are

The Centre is a community of intellects and thinkers who publish essays, videos and research on original and contemporary Pan African theory.  It’s a space for Africans of the diaspora to think critically about the socio-economic and political standing of its people. We explore these theories as the methodology by which one can build the individual and collective consciousness required to shape their destiny. The Centre passionately believe in the power of these ideas to develop the solidarity, values and truth that make us uniquely African; and achieve social equality and community cohesion.

Our research team collate our ideas through public debate, literature, leading academics, scholars and professionals across all contemporary arts and disciplines.

What we strive to achieve

The Centre strive to share the world’s most palpable digital resource on original and contemporary Pan African thought. Through diligent research and academic excellence we address the challenges facing a fractured Diaspora. In addition, we use a collaborative approach to African centered learning and personal development.

The Centre’s platform is host for the most inspired African thinkers to share their research, insights and thoughts for a united Diaspora.