About Us

Our Vision 

The Centre is an education and research institute that works to promote the principles of Pan Africanism as an instrument for liberation and social justice.

We want to see fairer, more equal societies in which Africans home and abroad are able to express the fullness of their human potential.

What we strive to do 

Our mission is to create an inspirational space for intellectual conversation and study. We do that by collaborating with leading educators to deliver transformational events, conferences and programs for personal and community development.

The Centre is also an academic resource where we publish research papers and media that engage stakeholders on ideas for,

  • Creating interfaith and intercultural unity among Africans of all nations.


  • Addressing disparity in the social, political and economic climates that Africans live.


  • Restoring the historical and cultural memory of our past as a way to build stronger futures. 


The Centre builds on the tenets of Pan Africanism as a way to advance the legacies of the activists in its history. That is to remove barriers that prevent Africans from being equal global citizens to equity on every local, national and world stage.