african origins of greek

African Origins of Greek and European Philosophy

Socrates and the Black Egyptian hypothesis

By Timeyin Oritsesan - 8th February 2017

Within Greek history, Socrates is hailed as a founding father of western philosophy and has been described as “the man who brought philosophy down from the heavens to earth” (Cicero 45BC). Socrates was known as the questioner of everything and everyone, using logic and reasoning to examine the world around him and how people ought to behave (History Channel 2015), hence the precept, “Know thyself” (Scott 2007). The most significant contribution that Socrates made was his unique method of investigation (known as the Socratic method). This would later evolve into the ‘Scientific Method’ – the dominant method used in schools everywhere, in which investigations begin with a hypothesis (Phillips 2001). However, a vast majority of people do not know that such wisdom was not the original work of Socrates but rather a black African man named Imhotep – “the world’s first recorded multi-genius” (Diop 1991).

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Timeyin Oritsesan

Timeyin is a writer and independent researcher for The Centre of Pan-African Thought. She holds a degree in International Business with a minor in Economics from Florida International University . She also holds a Masters degree in the Political Economy of Development (with special reference to Africa) from SOAS University in London.

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