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Corporate Diversity Inclusion

Better Performance & Equality Outcomes

Positive actions stem from the right values and organisational philosophy and are expressed through policy, principles, and processes.

A ground-breaking report that offers a contemporary perspective on how to be better D&I practitioners and think clearer on ways to progress.

The tools and guidance in this report are simple and clear thinking for diversity pioneers who want to create a naturally bias-free and inclusive business.

Key takeaways of the report:

  • Understand the nine reasons that stagnation and regression exist in corporate Britain.
  • Discover simple analytical tools to help you draft or improve your D&I strategy.
  • Gain perspectives and confidences to help you speak openly about Racism and create real solutions for Race equality.
  • Simple guidance on managing the components and implementation of your D&I strategy.
  • Discover the tools and practical interventions to help you go beyond theorisation and to implement.

Racial Literacy for Corporate Executives

Better Antiracist Decision Making for Race Equality 

All the knowledge, tools, and guidance you need to become more aware and effective at tackling racism in society and the workplace.

A course that is designed to assist c-suite, directors, and senior managers to fully understand, contextualise, and better execute race equality strategies for their business. In a fun-packed day of interactive workshops and experiential learning the course gives diversity pioneers of all Races a definitive reality of the racialised experience. Using a mix of discussion, examples, and exercises it connects the missing knowledge and cognitive sense non racialised peers need to become effective become effective Race allies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Delegates better able to identify how policies and structures become racialised to exclude people of different identities.
  • Delegates acquire the cognitive framework to identify Racism and Racialised behaviours of their staff and peers
  • Delegates acquire techniques for handling Racial interactions and overcome their fear of race conversations with stakeholders
  • Gain perspectives and confidences to help you speak openly about Racism and create real solutions for Race equality
  • Delegates better able to recognise and challenge their own bias and privileges in the workplace.
  • Learn the powerful and practical ways to create equality and equity for racialised people


"The presentation was excellent and so invaluable. Absolutely wonderful educational and uplifting experience."

— Diana Solomon

“An excellent, thought provoking and interactive workshop.”

— Maxine Tomlinson

“Love the way they deliver presentations, in a brilliant way that encourages collective learning.”

— Tony Wilmott