All the way from Benin, it’s our great pleasure to host International Pan-African Activist Kemi Seba. Recently, Kemi has been inspiring mass mobilisation against the CFA Franc by exposing neo-colonial tactics employed by France to continually exploit nations of the West & Central African region. In March 19 he shot to prominence when the Government of Ivory Coast expelled him in fear of more uprising. As with the dismissal of former AU Ambassador to the U.S Arikana Chihombori Quao, protest against France’s imperial stronghold can have grave consequences. She also faced expulsion after criticism of the estimated $500+ Billion Africa still deposits to the French treasury every year.

For Kemi Seba this is just the beginning. Deposing the CFA Franc is one step towards African Sovereignty. The fight is not just against currency but all forms of neo-colonial oppression on the African continent. In a one-off evening of discussion and debate, he will detail those other forms and share how revelations of the CFA Franc can ignite the Global Pan-African Movement and inspire Africans to reclaim economic power from the former colonial masters.

Kemi Seba is a true revolutionary, one who stands strong in the face of hostilities. His message is uncompromising but true for all liberationists across the globe. Anything other than the freedom to be the masters of our own destiny is no freedom at all.

You will not want to miss this!

Kemi Seba – Live in London

Politics of the CFA Franc & African Sovereignty​

  • December 14, 2019
  • 5pm - 9pm
  • Resource for London

    356 Holloway Road
    N7 6PA
    United Kingdom

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