The Future of Pan Africanism

CEO’s Speech for the Centre of African Studies University of Edinburgh

By Nigel Stewert - 30th March 2017

Greetings thinkers, intellects and scholars. I greet you with humility and reverence in the name of our beloved ancestors and liberators. It’s an absolute pleasure to spend this time with you and share my thoughts, some of which you may agree with, find totally alien, or wish to challenge. However please bear with me as I try to build a vision and road map of a Pan Africanism which is fit for the 21st Century.

The number three represents a natural order and cycle of both the existing and non-material aspects of life. Whether we talk about the principle of life, death, and resurrection, or the sun, moon and stars, or justice, freedom and equality, I want you to begin thinking in threes.

When the missionaries, anthropologists and explorers first came to Africa, their mandate was to Christianise, civilise, and commercialise – three Cs. And there’s no question that we’re in a unique time in history, a time where our future will be the degree in which we can harness and shape this global awakening and resistance into a program of sustainable change. It’s a time in which we should all be working towards the ultimate aim of total liberation of the African continent and her people.

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Nigel Stewert

Nigel is a passionate social entrepreneur, pan africanist and teacher. He is Founder & CEO of The Centre, a growing community of scholars and intellects who collaborate to produce educational content for the African Diaspora.

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