Macroeconomic Picture of Black Britain

Quantitative analysis of a socio-economic disadvantage

By Vistra Greenaway-Harvey - 17th February 2017

The current macroeconomic position of black people in Britain is unclear. Although there is a great deal of analysis available, it is fair to say there is also a high degree of sensationalism. On the one hand, there are reports about an improving position, on the other, there seems to be strong evidence suggesting a sustained financial decline. This is further complicated by the fact that the term ‘black’ (as in people of African descent) and ‘ethnic minorities’ (which is, of course, a broader term) are often used interchangeably when in reality, the two groups’ financial statistics differ greatly. The near-constant interchange of terms can make it difficult to gain an accurate picture of the state of the finances of black Britain; and to any reader thinking this topic is obsolete because your own personal finances seem okay, it is important to explore because of our need to move forward with collective financial unity.

Regarding the degree of sensationalist reporting, one must ask, where should one turn for the real truth? The answer is a simple one – the numbers of course, because as the cliché goes – ‘numbers do not lie’.

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Vistra Greenaway-Harvey

Vistra Greenaway-Harvey is an academic copywriter and legal researcher. As well as African commentary, she drafts consultations and legal submissions for local councils and Fortune 500 companies.

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