Mugabe & the Myth of a Dictator

Why one man never holds the power we all perceive

Journey of the African Scholar

Defending the Patriarchs of Black History

Minority Oppression by the Welfare State?

Analysing Labour and Conservative manifesto pledges on welfare

Brexit and the Black Community

Four reasons to be optimistic about the leave vote

The Future of Pan Africanism

CEO’s Speech for the Centre of African Studies University of Edinburgh

The Lost MA’AT of Black Parenting

How a culture of corporal punishment became parenting practice

A Scientific Argument for Ancestral Memory

Epigenetic’s and the latent information passed down through our genes.

Macroeconomic Picture of Black Britain

Quantitative analysis of a socio-economic disadvantage

African Origins of Greek and European Philosophy

Socrates and the Black Egyptian hypothesis

The Problem with Black Economics

Intersection of structural inequalities and financial illiteracy

A Democratic Fallacy

The Gambia’s elections & capitalism’s grip on economic power in Africa

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