Solutions for ending intergenerational ‘Educational Poverty’, the precursor to lifelong economic oppression in all its forms.

Radical Methodologies for Correcting Educational Outcomes

Race, Identity and the Emotional Health of Students of African and African Caribbean Heritage

By Michelle Holmes - 14th February 2019

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In Britain, there appears to be an open secret that to be highly educated is a privilege reserved for the elite; and the statistics would back up this notion. This paper seeks to empirically determine whom education is really meant for and what must be done to unpick the deeply embedded racist structures of the institution. It will address the psychological impact that race and identity have on the mental and emotional health of students and teachers of African and African Caribbean heritage while proposing ways in which we can effectively address this.

Michelle Holmes

Michelle is a London based writer, teacher and integrative healing arts therapist. She works in education as a pastoral care lead, specialising in health and wellbeing and child psychology. Michelle also works in the area of self care and ritual, the therapeutic arts, Black psychology and spirituality.