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Steering and Working Group

Research committee evidencing the need for the provision of African Centred Therapies and Therapists in Britain


The Mental Health Steering and Working Group is a committee established and supported by the Centre of Pan African Thought to address mental health disparities of African and African Caribbean people in Britain. It’s no secret, each year, 288.7 out of every 100,000 African or African Caribbean (Black) people are detained under the Mental Health Act 1983. This is in comparison to 180 for white people and 91.9 for Asian people. The group has been set up to run a project to find evidence that supports the provision of African centred therapy and recommended ways in which law and policymakers can open pathways for members of the AAC community to access African centred therapists. This project will run from 9TH Feb to 2nd Aug 2020.

Remit of the Committee

The Mental Health Steering and Working Group is there to ensure that the research work is guided and drafted in a fair and credible way. It is responsible for making sure the project stays partial, accountable and open to scrutiny. The group is representative of related but diverse backgrounds and expertise. That is to ensure the research production process is rigorous, thorough and of the highest quality.

  • Input theory, definitions and data sources into study debates
  • Review progress against the project milestones and deliverables
  • Comment and feedback on the quality of the work carried out
  • Inform and co-produce the delivery of the work and its development over the lifetime of the project
  • Identify and provide advice on opportunities for networking.


The Group will meet a minimum of seven times on the first Sunday of every month from Feb 2020 until Aug 2020.  Meetings will take place in central London.  Dialogue between meetings will continue via online and telephone discussions as and when.

Who we're looking for?

We want members of the committee to consist of academics, professionals, practitioners and service users. We are particularly keen to have a representation of individuals from the following professions or associated groups:

  • Practising Black Psychologist
  • MH Nurse
  • Service User Identifying as African or African Caribbean Male
  • Mental Health Law or Policymaker
  • Academia – Post Graduate in Psychiatry or Psychology


If you are interested in becoming a member of the committee please contact Co-Chair Clare Smyth telling us a little about yourself and why.

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