We stand in solidarity with the global protests at the murder of George Floyd.

We, like you, have been traumatised by the brutal and nonchalant actions that led to his transitioning into the ancestral realm. It is a shocking yet all too familiar reminder of the contempt that this global system of white supremacy has for people of African descent. As is the case with all violent and non-violent racists, Derek Chauvin’s behaviour is a by-product of this system.

White supremacy is not only responsible for this murder, it is the engine behind a host of global inequalities, suffering and injustices which exist on levels beyond what the human mind can comprehend. What hurt us so deeply is that George Floyd represents what Africans have been going through for centuries, since our enslavement. We hope that the outrage and protest that has been sparked by these events lead to a revolution. A revolution of new moral and policy approaches, and a revolution of political and economic ideas that restructure our societies. A revolution where the people accountable for material change are resolute enough to ensure the horrors of racial oppression are never allowed to resurface.

As a group of people who have been doing anti-racism work for long enough understand the nature of white supremacy, we understand its insidious and structural nature; we have been working in various ways to see it dismantled.

As an emerging think tank, we assure you all that we will continue to commit our unwavering energy and resources to providing the ideas and education needed to both demand and mobilise change from our peers, employers, policymakers and governments. This is our way of honouring the lives of the Africans who have been slain in contemporary society and across generations. This is where we will focus our collective power, as Africans and as part of the human family.

Rest in Power George et al, we heed the call.


Nigel Stewart, Chief Executive