Tribute to Henry Sylvester Williams

The life and legacy of one of the forefathers of Pan Africanism

By Bianca-Joy Lenhardt - 9th June 2016

Henry Sylvester Williams (1867-1911) was a man of insight and intellect. Over a hundred years after his death, some may argue that his name has begun to slip through the cracks of historical memory. However, his socio-political legacy will never be forgotten. Williams is regarded as the founding father of the Pan-African Movement developed in the early nineteenth century. In this paper, we take a look at his memory and thank him for the birth of a movement.

Bianca-Joy Lenhardt

Bianca is a freelance writer & editor based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She holds an Undergraduate Degree in BA Languages and Culture from Stellenbosch University and writes extensively across various fields of history. She is currently completing a Postgraduate Degree in General Linguistics, specialising in English in the Media.

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