Maeve Crawford

Maeve Crawford is a relationship healer and educator. Described as a “guardian angel” by her clients, Crawford utilises her gifts to help clients understand the power of love. Her ethos is built around self-appreciation, acceptance and values to ensure individuals connect to themselves and the divine before connecting with their soulmate. Crawford’s client-centred community outreach provides essential grassroots counselling to individuals struggling in their love lives. She offers both one to one love healing and workshops. In her role as a relationship healer Crawford has tailor-made a number of programmes, such as “Become Your Own Soul Mate.” Her latest programme “Dating by Divine Design” offers five modules that assist individuals in attracting their beloved. She has co-authored three books: Is That What love Is? – True Stories from Women Around the World; Tears to Triumph – Stories to Transform Your Life Today, Pebbles in the Pond – Transforming the World One Person at a Time. Maeve is unwavered in her postion that “paternitry” – the all encompassing power of the masculine and feminine energy in all of us working in harmony.

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