Church is Unfit to Tackle the Social & Economic Issues of Africans

Resident debater Jo Dash questions what Religion is doing to tackle the issues facing African people in the 20th Century.

Jo Dash

Jo Dash is the voice of our youth. He brings a unique but powerful perspective to the Pan-African conversation. Dash is a straight-talking community lecturer who is seen as a revolutionary in the field of African holistic health. After qualifying in biology and genetics, Dash has aligned his scientific knowledge with his personal interest in African history, spirituality and cultural science. He observed the Moorish culture in the United States to bolster his understanding of Africans in the diaspora, and traditional African concepts. He now has over 10 years independent research on African culture. Dash draws upon his interdisciplinary awareness in his monthly classes on Health and Biophysics in Brixton, where his students explore the different layers of existence based on academia and philosophy. He is the founding director of the Aboriginal Health Group.

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