Freedom of Religion is a God Given Dignity

Kiri Kankwende, Author, Journalist and Press Officer at Christian Solidarity Worldwide gives her argument for freedom of religion, and the right for people to find purpose and meaning for themselves.

Kiri Kankhwende

Kiri is a literary activist at Christian Solidarity Worldwide where she holds the position as Press Officer and advocates for freedom of religion. Kiri also has an exceptional background in journalism. Studying political communications, human rights, French and Chinese before going in to establish herself with contributions to the Guardian, Independent and Open Democracy. She has also been interviewed on BBC TV and radio, Al-Jazeera and Fox News regarding her analyses of key socio-political issues afflicting people of colour. This is best evidenced in her inspirational TED talk “The Great Passport Giveaway,” detailing her personal migration story into this country. Kiri further investigates issues in immigration politics in her role as Special Projects and Development manager for Media Diversified, an organisation dedicated to increasing BAME representation in the media.

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