Why do we still believe Religion will work for us?

Iritah Shemnira Naba – Activist & Master Teacher at The Earth Center, School of Kemetic Spirituality and Culture from the Dogon Tradition argues for African people to look at the origins of their spirituality.

IriTah ShenmiRa NABA

Naba Iritah Shenmira is a spiritual activist of the Dogon people. Born in Tem Togo, Naba has been raised in one of the oldest traditions in humanity. His first-hand knowledge of Ancient practises were developed from 2006-2008 by his father, Master Naba the creator of the Earth Centre school of Kemetic spirituality and culture. Following his father, Naba learned the M’TAM science and knowledge of Kemetic mystery schools, which he now teaches across the world and readily disperses in his weekly radio show in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. He continues to uphold the Dogon legacies and traditions in his charitable work as Director of the Projects in Meritah committee where he works to sustain traditional rural lives. He is the chair of the Ankhkasta Natural Healing committee in Meritah and the editor of three periodicals: the Bayuali Magazine, the Rising Firefly Magazine, and the Sunnyside Magazine.

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